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Gift today and help to save a life!

 Welcome to Swift Charity Foundation!

Dear Customer and Member,

Swift Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization where the collected funds from the store sale are used for donations to victims in need after a devastated natural disaster.  The victims that benefit from our monetary contribution are from around the World and our communities.  Also we are working in expanding a large project assisting teenagers and young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, emotional disturbances, Borderline Personality Disorder, and mood disorders, Self-harm behavior.   Youth folks are in need to be listen, understood, and thirsty for coping with positive thinking, motivational activities and the appropriate guidance learning how to overcome stormy times at home, church, school or community.  Your investment with our store help us to give back the time, tools and experts contributing to help their lives improve and have a better quality of life in modern society full of multi today. 

Let me tell you how this works.  For each purchase that you make at least a 10% will go into a saving bank account registered only for this particular cause.   You are supporting a good faith philanthropic mission restoring human lives worldwide. 

  •  Private foundations are exempt from income tax, just like other nonprofits. However, they are subject to a one or two percent excise tax on income generated by investments.

  • Non-profits provide some kind of charitable good or service to the people they assist, a private foundation exists for one reason and one reason only: money. Although their grants support non-profit activities, foundations don’t directly participate in the programs or services themselves.

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Swift Charity Foundations works directly with ADRA, a christian non-profit foundations.   ADRA, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency that has served for many years more than 130 countries.   ADRA operates under the SDA Church Headquarters.   There are multiple agencies in services through USA and Puerto Rico were all monetary donations, food items/drinking water/household products/clothing/toiletry supplies  are received directly from the public donators, churches, and other entities.    Why we work with ADRA?  ADRA is a large non-profit organization that has served many people around the World.   Before we were open for business the owners had have previous experiences donating monetary and goods through the SDA administration and ADRA.   They trust their donations to this honest, and well organized agency.  Also they were aware of funds being delivery to the people in community and other countries in need of goods, health, schools, churches and others causes.  
Sweet  & Swift Gift Shop operates with taking out  a minimum of 10% from each monthly monetary earnings  then it goes into the Swift Charity foundation.    You as customer don't have to give any money for supporting this cause, just continue shopping with us at sweetswiftgiftshop.   We together can plant a seed of hope and love in other people in need, and help change physically, emotionally and spiritually lives around the Globe.  One seed can bring a lot of fruits... We all can do good for people in need today!   God bless!
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Swift Charity Foundation-Nonprofit Donation Funds Program

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Swift Charity Foundation
Nonprofit Donation Funds Program
Your purchases are helping Youth suffering from emotional distress,  and victims of natural disasters around the World.  
      Gift Today and Help to Save a Life!
Fundacion de Fondos de Caridad No Lucrativa
Sus compras ayudan a jovenes sufriendo de problemas
de salud emotional, y victimas de desastre natural alrededor del Mundo.
           Regala Hoy y Ayuda a Salvar Una Vida!
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